Plastic surgery

If you want to see a more fabulous you when you look in the mirror, Hungarian cosmetic surgery will deliver. From facelifts to nose jobs; breast augmentation or reduction to liposuction– cosmetic surgery is available from tip to toe.

Your transformation will be taken care of in modern up-to-date facilities by internationally trained, English speaking doctors and surgeons. There are strict regulations and all cosmetic surgeons must complete up to  13 years of study. Following six years of medical school, future cosmetic surgeons must be trained in a clinic for a further three to five years (depending on their area of specialisation). Only then can they apply for accreditation in their specialist field, a qualification that requires a further year or even two of study.

The prices, even including accommodation and transfers, can still be up to 50% cheaper than in the UK, Ireland or the US. After you decided to have surgery, it is important to establish trust in your future Hungarian doctor, and calculate the costs. The prices for breast surgery are between 600 and 2650 Euros, excluding the price of any implants where necessary, and abdominal jobs cost between 220 and 2800 Euros. There is a wide range of other reasonably priced plastic surgery options, such as lifting, eyelid correction and various types of facial surgery and other treatments. In Hungary, many dental and cosmetic surgeries offer healthcare holiday packages including flights, accommodation and treatment, all you need to do is make an appointment.

Unlike in the UK and many other European countries, in Hungary plastic surgeons are required by a strict law to train nearly a decade to be qualified plastic surgeons - 6 years of general surgery and an additional 3 years of assistant plastic surgery.