Fertility Treatment

there is no age limit by the Hungarian law, even single women can have fertility treatments, and all sperm donors are anonymous. There is no waiting list for IVF. Most of the patients have the first initial consultation with the fertility specialist within a month of first contact.

The cost of an IVF treatment in the UK is around £4000 which means that a couple can easily spend £12 000 on 3 cycles of IVF. If you take a look at fertility treatment prices in Budapest, you will find that you can save thousands of pounds or Euros even after adding your travel expenses to the price of treatments. For the amount of money you would spend on one IVF cycle in the UK you can have 2 cycles at a fertility clinic in Budapest. This of course means double chances of getting pregnant. Other than saving money you also need to consider the fact that in the UK maximum two embryos can be transferred back in an IVF cycle, but many couples would have better chances with more embryos. In Hungary up to 4 embryos can be transferred which can also increase the chances of pregnancy. In the Hungarian IVF clinics all the circumstances are carefully examined, then a fertility specialist will make a joint decision with the patients about the ideal number of embryos being transferred back. After your consultation with a fertility specialist, if all the required test results are ready before leaving Hungary.