Eye clinics

Your eyesight is one of the most important aspects of your health. If you need eye treatment, visit Hungary and save money, as you can find world-class eye clinics and specialist in the country.

The same innovative, cutting-edge eye correction treatments are available in Budapest as in London, Dublin or Oslo – only the price that differs. It is important to know that Budapest eye clinics will not undertake surgery unless they are sure of the optimal outcome! The preliminary examinations have very strict rules, and are conducted with the utmost care and responsibility. An excimer laser eye correction surgery usually costs about 500 Euros in Hungary. Even the most expensive treatment, artificial lens implantation, costs just about 1600 Euros (per eye). Similar treatments can cost up to four-five times as much in some other European countries. The most popular treatment in Hungary is cataract eye surgery and vision correction. Furthermore, patients opt for treatment in Hungary with glaucoma, eye squinting, myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia and age-related sight deterioration.