Anti-Aging Dermatology

Radiation from the sun speeds up the natural ageing process of the skin and is responsible for the development of fine and rough wrinkles and for the sagging of the skin. Plastic surgery treatments do not renew the surface of the skin, this task falls to the aesthetic dermatologist.

One of Europe's top 5 qualified medical staffs operate in Hungary with the very latest cosmetics industry equipment. Long-established treatments such as dermal filling to smooth away wrinkles are conducted using materials that comply with the highest industry standards. The extremely wide range of equipment available represents an effective solution to many problems considered impossible to tackle until now. Five different laser technologies, broad spectrum and infrared light sources, as well as radio frequency and ultrasound instruments are available for skin rejuvenation and firming procedures, the treatment of spider and varicose veins, the removal of pigmentation spots and unsightly skin growths, depilation and to end cellulite problems. The Neodymium-YAG laser allows unsightly aneurisms to be removed with great precision from the face and neckline, and spider veins to be removed from the lower leg, sometimes with only a single treatment. The BBL light source, the latest generation of IPL (intense pulsed light) instruments, represents a cost-effective solution to aesthetic demands. The SkinTyte-II apparatus, ClearScan Alexandrite laser, which scans the skin surface and – thanks to its superior precision – does not leave a single hair untreated. Medical cavitation ultrasound also serves to improve the appearance of the body: large fatty cells in targeted areas are destroyed by sound waves. Both versions of the very latest fractional laser rejuvenation system are available in Hungary. After all, many of us long to acquire the sort of beautiful body that, although requiring us to withdraw from the world's gaze for a week, allows us to return home fully rejuvenated.