Hungarian inventions

There are a few special treatments only available in Hungary, invented by Hungarian experts and doctors.


Márta Fenyő's invention, just like the well-known and widely spread Bioptron lamp operating on the principles of the Sensolite-treatment, has a thirty-year history. The localised light treatment technology was developed at the beginning of the 1980s has been extended to the use on the whole body.

Its operation is as follows: the polarised light invades the body into a 1 cm depth, reaches the blood circulation through the capillaries, thus the biologically vitalising effect immediately gets to all the cells and organs of the human body. Due to the effect of polarisation, the oxygen-trapping ability of the red blood cells increases, bringing more vital oxygen to each cell, organ or organ system enabling a more effective development and operation.

The polarised light therapy has a boosting effect to the immune system. The T-lymphocytes (white blood cells), which play an important role in recognising and neutralising the faulty cells generated every minute and later being responsible for serious illnesses, are activated due to the polarised light immensely, therefore enabling the prevention of serious and less serious illnesses, also, they can boost or fasten the healing of existing ones.

•    boosts the natural protection mechanism
•    increases circulation
•    has an anti-inflammatory effect
•    perfectly enables health protection
•    healing acute illnesses
•    healing chronic illnesses (improved symptoms, improved condition, the improvement of life-quality)
•    boosts the patient's condition, he/she will feel more energetic
•    it is successfully used by Paediatrics, Dermatology, Allergology, Immunology. Sport Traumatology, Orthopaedics, Rheumatology, Psychiatrics, Pulmonology and Otolaryngology


Light has been used in healing for thousands of years, and light therapy had success recently in modern medicine. The main effects of the Bioptron light therapy: increases the regenerative ability of the body, therefore expediting the system's own self-induced healing processes, increases micro-circulation, harmonizes metabolism and strengthens the immune system.

Essence of Paprika
Contour-enhancing and detoxifying body treatment

We start off the treatment with a goat-milk bath, which boasts metabolism. Next comes the cherry stone-essence peeling, preparing the skin for the detoxifying massage. The pleasant massage milk rebuilds the tired, aged skin with the power of paprika, cleanses the blood veins and the lymph system. Paprika essence oil is medically proven to help dissolve and remove fat deposited in connective tissue. Playing a major role in skin tightening processes, it is the number one herbal essence used in curing lifeless, serous skin. It is also well used during treating rheumy and artiosclerosis. After massaging the pack onto the body parts to be treated (hip, thigh, rear) we apply a body-wrap to avoid the pack from drying so that the contents of the body-pack can penetrate the skin even deeper. The Rekongem-pack, besides the paprika, has beneficial components, some which also provide an anaesthetic effect.

At the end of the treatment, we soothe and cool down the skin with our special herbal products. These may not be used by Guests who show allergic reactions to Capsaicin or Methyl Salicylate! The body-pack has a warming, slightly prickling effect.

Combat the Vasoconstriction With a New Hungarian Invetion

Mr. Lajos Nagy, Hungarian naturopathic doctor's method is known as Sonoterápia® (Sonotherapy). The inventor is the patentee of this new treatment in many countries worldwide. The aim of the process is to stimulate the metabolism of the cells of the veins with sound waves, and activate the organism's resilience to combat against vasoconstriction and arteriosclreosis. Sonotherapy®: pain-free application of pulsating, low frequency, low energy sound waves.