Healthy eat in Hungary

Hungarian gastronomy is well known for its spicy dishes, using lots of paprika, onion and various meats. Beside the traditional, there is also a new branch of gastronomy, focusing on the health and the brand new food trends.

Eating well constitutes to your well-being, and in Hungary, the menu is full of healthy options. Although Hungarian cuisine is usually known for goulash and the excessive use of paprika, there's plenty of good quality meats, freshwater fish, fresh produce and excellent wines to taste here.

Whatever diet you follow, you'll be well catered for. Spa hotels offer specialized fasting and diet packages from diabetics to vegans, gluten-, soya-, lactose-, egg-, or milk protein free options are also available. With the help of professional nutritionists and dieteticians, choosing the right diet for your needs, and learning tips how to make it effective in the long run couldn't be easier. 

If you're lucky enough to have no food allergies, but you're a health conscious eater, you'll be amazed by the produce displayed at bio markets. From home-made goat cheese through a million different types of honey to not-so-perfect-looking but deliciously chemical-free fruit and veg, you'll be spoilt for choice at local farmers' markets all around the country. And what's a better souvenir to take home with you than a healthy bit or two?