Regain the movement of youth

Everyone reaches a time in their life when they want to dive into a fountain of youth and emerge good as new and free from all pain.

Although complete rejuvenation of the body is a thing of the future, patients with back, hip and knee pain, as well as respiratory and other conditions, can be treated with a variety of new surgical techniques. Hungarian surgeons are among the leading providers of orthopaedic and spine surgery, having attracted patients from all over Europe and beyond for more than 15 years. 

Orthopaedic prosthesis implantation has made great progress within the last 30 years and is available for more and more patients. In Hungary orthopaedic surgery and rehabilitation is available at reasonable rates and without waiting lists.

One of the most valuable benefits of rehabilitation is often an improvement in your overall quality of life. Rehabilitation includes diagnostics, risk assessment, power of exercise, early mobilization, training programme, psychotherapeutics, theme-orientated group discussion, autogenic therapy, teaching healthy attitude; establishing proper lifestyle and behaviour, and establishing proper diet.

The very special add is the thermal water used not only for treating various illnesses, but also as a key factor in rehabilitation.