Medicinal Mud

Hungary is very rich in natural treasures. Beside the fantastic quality thermal water, there are some places where medicinal mud is also excellent.

The bottom of Lake Hévíz is covered with thick layers of peat. (When it's brought to the surface and mixed with mud, the magical mud pack of Hévíz is done.) The medicinal water contains high concentration of all important chemicals -80% inorganic, 20% organic - the body needs, thereby multiplying the effectiveness of the mud. The hot mud (between 38 and 42 oC) covers specific parts or all of your body for 20 minutes, and you'll emerge from the treatment rejuvenated and with a renewed lust for life.

Places in Hungary where natural medicinal mud is located:
•    Alsópáhok – natural peat mud
•    Hajdúszoboszló – city spa's mud
•    Hévíz – mud of Lake Hévíz
•    Makó – mud of Maros
•    Tiszasüly – mud of Kolop
•    Sárvár – vulcanic mud