How to retrieve information from Hungarian websites?

Some Hungarian web pages may have no English or any other language version than Hungarian. But the good thing is, we are here to help you. You can use our special dictionary for Hungarian websites.

The trick is, that almost all the Hungarian sounds exist in the English, just in different form or spell. Both language has its own tradition and exceptions which make the understanding harder, but the main words are easier to understand than you think. Here are the most common expressions, used on the pages of suppliers. If you understand these main terms, you may figure out the other information, or at least find a phone number.

Please note, that these are not always the strict translations, but the exact meanings of the Hungarian words and expressions. In the brackets you find the IPA phonetic version. Hyphens help you to pronounce the syllables separated first. For more info and help, click the link at the bottom of this page.

Dictionary for Hungarian websites

főoldal [fø:-oldɒl] - main page / home

kezdőlap [kɛz-dø:-lɒp] - main page / home

vissza [vissɒ] - back

nyitva tartás [ɲit-vɒ-tɒr-ta:∫] - opening hours

térkép [te:r-ke:p] - map

kapcsolat [kɒp-tʃo-lɒt] - contact

elérhetőség [ele:r-hetø:-ʃe:g] - contact

látnivalók [la:t-ni-vɒ-lo:k] - places to visit

étterem [e:t-tɛ-rɛm] - restaurant

hírek [hi:-rɛk] - news

menetrend [mɛnɛt-rend] - time table / schedule

jegy [jɛɟ] - ticket

kávézó [ka:-ve:-zo:] - café

szolgáltatások [sol-ga:l-tɒ-ta: -∫ok] - services

bérlés [be:r-le:s] - renting, hiring

ingyenes [in-ɟɛ-nɛ∫] - free

magyar [mɒ-ɟɒr] - Hungarian

telefon [tɛ-lɛ-fon] - phone

belépő [bɛ-le:-pø:] - entry ticket

galéria [ga-le:-riɒ] - gallery

szállás [sa:l-la: ∫] - accommodation

foglalás [fog-lɒ-la:ʃ] - booking

események [ɛ∫ɛ-me:-ɲek] /programok - events/programs

ajánló [ɒ-ja:n-lo:] - suggestion / offer

helyszínek [hej-si:-nek] - places

árak [a:rɒk] - prices

nyelv [ɲɛlv] - language

megközelítés [mɛg-køzɛ-li:te:∫] - how to get there

bemutatkozás [bɛ-mutat-ko-za:ʃ] / rólunk [ro:-lunk] - about us

(Stress always falls on the first syllable of a word)

You can use online translator (Google or Bing), but be careful, and never be 100% sure about the meanings. But not bad for check the pronunciation of a word.

Online guide to pronouncing Hungarian words with examples and sound-a-likes: