Fresh ‘n Sexy – Design for take away

Hungary's fashion and design world is on a revival – over the past few years numerous young designers have kick started their own brands, and showrooms and concept stores have mushroomed all over the city. Here are the most important talents to look out for during your visit to Budapest.

On a fashion shopping spree? For those into dark romance a visit to Nóra Sármán's showroom (1024 Budapest, Keleti Károly street 11.) is a must – you'll love her laborious lace dresses with quite revealing cut-outs. For the more conservative soul, USE Unused (1052 Budapest, Szervita square 5.) is the best choice - simple chic is tailored to perfection in the hands of these designers. Sporty yet sweet are the garments of Nanushka (1052 Budapest, Deák Ferenc street 17.). The tiny store is worth a visit itself – the intimate, snug shelter filters out the overwhelming racket of the urban experience (news of the store's unique interior made it into over 300 international blogs). Comfy and laid back are the keywords for those shopping at Nanushka: oversize shirts, leggings and cute little dresses will make urban nomads happy here. Another spot to be checked out is the Garden Studio, offering the works of Dóri Tomcsányi and Kele Clothing. But it's not just the fashion that might draw you here as the place showcases the works of exciting young designers from other areas too. Funky wooden chairs of Nóri Vidó, amazingly witty objects of all kinds by Dombon-a-tanya, Czechoslovak-style backpacks by YKRA, pixelified-folkloristic bags by the Béta Version and wooden jewellery by Janka Juhos are all on display here. Last but not least, the brand with the beautiful name, Je Suis Belle has to be mentioned – and not only because Tilda Swinton has been spotted wearing one of their designs lately. But the duo's approach to fashion is a bit different – they like to mix their fashion with arts, whether it's a collaboration for an art installation or printing the paintings of Attila Szűcs onto their garments.

If your new wardrobe is complete, continue the dressing up game with your surroundings. There is certainly no lack of funky furniture in Hungary. Take the Heonlab (, for example – their red, so-called Pixel Barokk table is definitely an eye-catcher, a dining table of Baroque shape that might come from a parallel Lego-universe. Equally extreme is the chair collection by sculptor Gábor Miklós Szőke, inspired by (and well, looking like) his Doberman called Dante.

If you'd rather skip the hustle of the hunt, running around the city, we'd advise you to drop by WAMP, a more or less monthly design market offering you an overview of what Hungary's creative minds have been up to lately. Cute jewellery, designer bags, recycled objects, strange cuddlies and funky shoes are all here to be touched, admired, and at the end of the day, to be taken home. Recently, the design fair has entered the world of gorgeous gastronomy, offering some rather special marmalades, chutneys, teas and spices, cheeses and salamis. Nibbling allowed!

Here's a list of the other excellent design and fashion stores you have to visit if you like the Hungarian clothes, accessories and design:
Fregoli Shop – 5th district, Bástya str. 12 –
Buborék Shop – 5th district, Batthyány str.
Insitu – 5th district, Múzeum ave 7 –
Aron Design Store – 5th district, Deák Ferenc str. 4 –
Artista Fashion – 8th district, Puskin str. 19 –
Medence Csoport – 9th district, Pipa str. 4 –
Filter Contemporary Jewellery – 13th district, Pozsonyi str. 49 –
Inno Furnishing Store – 5th district, Kecskeméti str. 8 –
Kata Szegeri Showroom – 5th District, Hajó str.12-14 –
Mono Fashion Shop – 5th district, Kossuth Lajos str. 20 –
Rododendron Art & Design Shop – 5th district, Semmelweis str. 19 –