Tourism in Hungary

As of 1993, the Hungarian Tourism Agency publishes the 'Tourism in Hungary' publication which contains summary data of the tourism performance in Hungary. It includes detailed analysis about the inbound and domestic tourism, furthermore gives an overview of the structure of the Hungarian tourism decision-making bodies, and about the main marketing activities of the Hungarian Tourism Agency. The publication is aimed at helping decision-making of the stakeholders, it provides a helpful guideline for international and Hungarian tourism professionals, among them service providers (e.g. accommodation providers, tour operators, attraction managers, etc.), stakeholders of national, regional and local level and for the future professionals/students, as well.

The Hungarian Tourism Agency has launched its 'Tourism in Hungary 2016' publication based on the preliminary data of the Hungarian Central Statistical Office and the data of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank (the central bank of Hungary). 'Tourism in Hungary 2016' contains the most important data about the economic importance of tourism in Hungary, the inbound, domestic and outbound tourism of Hungary, the number of guests and arrivals at commercial accommodation units, a list of the most frequented towns of Hungary. Furthermore it summarizes the most important features of the main products of Hungary (Budapest, the Lake Balaton, health tourism and MICE tourism), the Széchenyi Recreation Card and quality marks.

For more information please contact the Research Department of the Hungarian Tourism Agency (Residence 1. irodaház, H-1027 Budapest, Kacsa u. 15-23, 4th floor, Tel: (+36-1) 488-8710, fax: (+36-1) 488-8711, e-mail: research[at]


Tourism in Hungary 2013 with final data (motivation of international travellers corrected in February 2015)


Tourism in Hungary 2012 with final data


Tourism in Hungary 2011 with final data (statistical tables in pdf-format) (Click to download)









Tourism in Hungary 1990-2002 (Click to download by chapters)
02_Hungary in general
03_World tourism
04_Economic importance of tourism
05_Organisational structure of the Hungarian tourism industry
06_Tourism products of Hungary
07_Tourism regions of Hungary
08_Public accommodation establishments in Hungary
09_Private accommodation establishments in Hungary
10_Inbound tourism
11_Image of Hungary as a tourist destination
12_Travelling behaviour of the Hungarians

Tourismus in Ungarn 1990-2002 (Klicken Sie zu den einzelnen Kapiteln)
02_Allgemeine Informationen über Ungarn
04_Die wirtschaftliche Bedeutung des Tourismus in Ungarn
05_Das Organisationssystem des Ungarischen Tourismus
06_Touristische Produkte Ungarns
07_Touristikregionen in Ungarn
08_Kapazität und Gästeverkehr der gewerblichen Unterkünfte in Ungarn
09_Kapazität und Gästeverkehr der Privatunterkünfte
10_Der Einreisetourismus in Ungarn
11_Das Touristikimage Ungarns
12_Reisegewohnheiten der ungarischen Bevölkerung