Roll the Dice - "Euroshorts" winner

In 2013, The European Travel Commission (ETC) ran a competition for a short film about travel in Europe called Euroshorts. A winning film was selected from 24 applications, and it happened to feature Hungary!

The 24 entries were submitted from all over Europe in the form of short pitches by the would-be filmmakers, who demonstrated their skills by introducing themselves and describing and illustrating their film ideas in brief.

These pitches which can still be viewed on the Euroshorts Competition website, are very varied and entertaining, from the Austrian addicted to his virtual life who breaks free into real-world travel, to the couple who challenge themselves to visit 40 countries in a single month, and two films both capturing the possibilities of a chance meeting on the road.

A distinguished jury of experts was convened, headed by Sir Alan Parker and including Philippe Reynaert Chair of Cine Regio , Graham Benson Chair of Screen South and Eduardo Santander, the CEO of ETC. From the many entries, the jury eventually selected a single winning film:
 Two young filmmakers from Belgrade, Benoit Detalle (28) and Marija Jacimovic (29), received €20,000 and first class InterRail passes to travel through Europe and produce their short film.  The full 4-minute film is entitled "Roll the Dice" and uses stop frame animation to detail an odyssey across Europe, where every travel decision is determined by the outcome of rolling a pair of dice. As luck would have it, Budapest, Hungary happened to be one of the waypoints dictated by the dice and thus visited by the film crew. Benoit and Marija "wanted to portray Europe as one big playground ready to be discovered, highlighting the unknown, the feeling of exploration, of fun and discovery." so we are glad that Hungary found itself part of such a lively presentation of travel. More information can be found on the Visit Europe web site at but the film itself can be viewed here below:

The film was premiered at the World Travel Market in London, on the 6th November 2013. The premiere viewing was introduced by the esteemed Sir Alan Parker, (himself winner of several Oscars, BAFTA and Golden Globe awards over the course of his long film career) He said: "The team has a real talent for mixing live action and animation in a very entertaining and engaging way.  I have to admire how far they have managed to stretch the budget and bring to life the extraordinary diversity that Europe offers."