Mobile Applications from Hungary Tourism

The Hungary Tourism smartphone app puts the information of the tourist board at your fingertips, wherever you find yourself. More than a simple mobile website, use it to search for hotels, restaurants, museums, sights and spas near your location. The comprehensive database provides a huge choice of accommodation and leisure activities, up-to-date currency exchange rates and even a useful audio dictionary of Hungarian phrases. Available for free download on iPhone on Nokia mobile smartphones!

As technology races on, we in the tourism industry find our visitors equipped with more and more information channels. In an effort to reach people with a positive message through as many of these as possible, the Hungarian Tourist Board created some travel applications. While these are often a copy of a website tinkered for mobile phone use, we aimed to not simply make our website's information compatible with the mobiles phones, but we also to bring as much as possible of the opportunities of the devices themselves into these mobile apps.

The end version was an impressive and very intuitive iPhone application and a separate and somewhat simpler version for Nokia mobile phones, which achieved an incredibly small download size of just 0.18MB. Both versions allow users to find hotels, restaurants, museums, sights and spas via a database of 25,000 locations across Hungary. The map-based service guides you around in the capital and also off the beaten track. There is also weather info, currency exchange rates and even some useful expressions, courtesy of our talking dictionary in the most unique language on Earth!

Share it with your friends, link up with your social media connections, all available for free with the HungaryTourism app! You can even dial a toll-free Concierge for assistance or are just keen to know what's going on in Hungary!
The mobile app actually received a prestigious WSA mobile award in the Tourism & Culture category 2010 for its great design and realization." The application's comprehensiveness, user-friendly features, use of user-generated content and comments, and excellent technical implementation make Hungary Tourism a true best practice in the area of Tourism and Culture." The jury went on to say that travelers in other parts of the world would be lucky if applications as excellent as this one were in existence for their locale. 

The Great Travel App makes it easy to dream up the ultimate European vacation! With an unrivaled collection of mouth-watering images, inspiring ideas and practical information, this app is free to download for both iPhone and Nokia mobile phones, so what are you waiting for?