Pilisi Parkerdő Zrt.

Pilisi Parkerdő Zrt. manages state-owned forests in the wider surroundings of Budapest. The approximately 60,000-hectare forest area includes well-known hiking destinations such as the peak of Dobogókő, the Rám ravine and the hills of Buda.

Some 20 million tourists a year visit the forests surrounding the capital. Trails of more than 700 km, a number of forest playgrounds, lookout towers, forest sports grounds, barbecue spots and resting areas await hikers. The forest school of Visegrád (the first in the country) and the wildlife reserve of Budakeszi, which present forest animals in their natural environment, are unparalleled sites for environmental education.

These game preserves catered to royal hunts and served as rich sources of game dishes at high-society feasts for centuries. The hunting ground, which boasts excellent natural properties, is one of the prime areas of Hungarian wildlife management and hunting culture. The game population provides first-rate trophies and an outstanding hunting experience. Apart from the thrill of hunting, the grounds contribute to popularising the legendary Hungarian cuisine with a wide variety of game dishes.

Hunting offer: In hunting season, both individuals and hunting parties are welcome. The offer is valid for red deer stag, mouflon ram, fallow buck, roebuck and wild boar hunting.

Hunting lodges: Hunting lodge on the grounds of Valkó Forestry; hunting lodges of Gyarmatpuszta, Budakeszi and Galgamácsa