Kisalföld Forestry Management Zrt.

Why not go hunting among the hills of Ravazd, visit the catchment basin of the Danube, stalk the oak woods of Rábaköz and explore the rich wildlife of Hany?

KAEG aims to preserve and maintain a game population that is within desirable limits but does not jeopardise agricultural and forest management practices. In line with that, it aims to improve steadily the trophy quality of big game. The hunting grounds are dominated by big game. Some 500 red deer, 600 roe deer and 1,200 wild boars are bagged annually.

The red deer population is the most significant: the average 2011 trophy weight was almost 5.5 kg, while the largest trophy weighed in at 8.48 kg. The bellowing of stags in the oak forests in the autumn provides an unforgettable experience to hunters and nature lovers alike. The wild boar population is rising year by year. With a bit of luck, hunters can shoot old boars with enormous tusks. The roe deer population is also significant: trophies reach the national average. In Kapuvár hunters can enjoy horseback riding and stalking in horse-drawn carriages. The abundant wetlands are rich in wildfowl in autumn and winter.

Game species: red deer, wild boar, fallow deer, roe deer, wildfowl

Hunting lodges: Fine hunting lodges in a beautiful environment await visitors.