Zalaerdő Forestry Zrt.

Zalaerdő Zrt. owns five forestries that manage wildlife over a total area of 75,000 hectares. The Zala county landscape consisting of enormous, continuous blocks of forest, interspersed with farmland and vineyards, provides an excellent habitat for big game.

The area encompassing the Nagykanizsa – Bánokszentgyörgy – Szentpéterfölde – Letenye and Lenti – Zalabaksa region has been pronounced by the minister of agriculture as a special designation area, aimed at genetic preservation of the Zala red deer population. This area has the highest proportion of gold medal trophies in the world. Sixteen of the 50 world-ranking red deer stag antlers were bagged in Hungary, and four of those came from Zalaerdő Zrt.'s territory.

Wild boar is another important game species that can be hunted in the open field or in game preserves on the forestry's territory.

The roe deer population is not overly large, but trophy quality has improved in recent years.

Game species: red deer, roe deer, wild boar Fallow deer can be hunted in the Bánokszentgyörgy-Haraszt fallow preserve.

Hunting lodges: Seven recently rebuilt lodges provide an ideal setting for first-rate hunting tourism services and "home away from home" hospitality. The scenic Zala landscape and the quiet forest environment, which will refresh mind and body, are a real paradise for hunters who come to visit.