Vértes Forest Management and Wood Industry Zrt.

As the joint representative of nine landowner hunting communities, the forestry collaborates with the landowners in order to preserve game stock and provide professional wildlife management.

All of the five domestic big game species can be hunted on the 30,000-hectare self-managed hunting grounds. The annual bag size exceeds 3,000. On average, the hunting grounds are 85% forested. Wildlife management and the hunting culture have a long tradition in the Vértes and Gerecse hills. Five forestries owned by Vértes Erdészeti és Faipari Zrt. carry out wildlife management on hunting grounds managed by the company.

Csákvár Forestry: the area is 90% forested and is an ideal habitat for big game. The red deer and mouflon stock is of average quality. Stags are ripe for hunting at 11 years old and rams at 7.

Tatabánya Forestry: The area has above-average wildlife bearing capacity, with a valuable mouflon stock. The red deer population is one of the best of the Gerecse hills.

Oroszlány Forestry: Adjoining the Csákvár and Tatabánya areas, these grounds are located on the north of the Vértes Mountains.

Pusztavám Forestry: The area covers the Császár and Pusztavám hunting grounds 30 km west of Tatabánya.

Kisbér Forestry: An ideal habitat for all big game except mouflon.

Game species: red deer, fallow deer, roe deer, mouflon, wild boar

Hunting lodges: Vérteskozma lodge, Koldusszállás lodge, Pusztavám lodge, Malomerdő Guest-House