TAEG (Educational Forest Management Company) Zrt. is in charge of a 13,890-hectare lowland hunting ground located to the west of the country, 70 km from Vienna.

A total of 64% of the area is forested, while the rest of the territory can also be characterised as being in a close to pristine state. The territory is easily accessible (from Vienna or Budapest by motorway and main road). Numerous historical features and tourism destinations (such as Sopron, Nagycenk, Fertőd, Balf, Bük and Sárvár) that are known across the European Union await visitors in this cultural environment.

The Röjtök-Iván hunting grounds of the forest management company boast outstanding natural habitats and an above-average game count. The area is rich in big game, with excellent options for individual hunting. Hunting parties are not admitted and there is no small game hunting in the area.

The night-time wild boar ambush at full moon is a hunting curiosity. In addition, the daytime stalking and sleigh-ride or carriage hunting of the sizeable stag population in autumn and winter provides for a high-quality hunting experience.

Two hunting lodges (one in a forest environment and another in a village) await guests, ensuring undisturbed recreation and a highly agreeable visit.

Game species: red deer, wild boar, roe deer

Hunting lodges: Júlia road lodge, Iván lodge