Szombathely Forestry Zrt.

Located in the western part of Hungary, Vas is one of the most highly forested counties. Szombathelyi Erdészeti Zrt. manages almost half of these forests.

The highest point of the Transdanubian region is located in this territory, in the Kőszeg Mountains; Őrség, known for its pine forests, is also part of the area, as well as Farkaserdő, the largest oak forest area in Central Europe, containing the Káld and Szajk hunting grounds. Wildlife management and hunting tourism takes place in nine hunting grounds, over a total of 41,280 hectares.

The hunting grounds, which are dominated by big game, have an annual bag size of 1,000 red deer, 1,800 wild boars, 800 roe deer, 100 fallow deer and 25 mouflons. Annually, 4 to 6 red deer stags exceed the trophy weight of 10 kg. The trophy weight of old and middle-aged stags bagged in the bellowing season averages 6.7 kg. Hunters can also shoot good-quality mouflon rams, with a horn length of 70–80 cm being most common.

Game species: red deer, roe deer, fallow deer, mouflon and wild boar

Hunting lodges: Hidegkút, Csipkerek, Ivánc, Cák, Szentpéterfa, Szakonyfalu Some of the hunting lodges are open to nature lovers and recreational visitors outside of the hunting season.