Nyírség Forestry Zrt.

The hunting grounds of NYÍRERDŐ have earned international acclaim for their wildlife management and hunting tourism practices. The stock of fallow deer is exceptional, with 80–90% of bucks winning gold medals year in, year out.

The exceptionally organised wild boar drives, in the open field or in a game preserve, with a daily bag of 90–100 animals appeal greatly to hunters.

The north-eastern hunting grounds, the best known of which are Gúth and Lónya, are frequented by a multitude of foreign and Hungarian hunters year after year. In addition to two world record-breaking fallow bucks, the Gúth hunting ground is famous for being the only territory in the world that has twice been awarded the Edmond Blanc prize of the CIC.

Visitors can hunt red deer stags with a trophy weight of more than 10 kg. The wild boar drives of Gúth yield an average of 300–350 animals per year. Carpathian-type red deer stags, which are real curiosities, are bagged in the glorious forests of the Lónya hunting grounds (up to 5–10 a year). The large-yield wild boar drives are also famous, with a significant proportion of tusks being longer than 20 cm.

The annual total bag limit for wild boars is above 600 in the game preserves of the Haláp and Bagamér hunting grounds.

Game species: red deer, fallow deer, wild boar, roe deer

Hunting lodges: Gúth Forestry: Zöldház (Green House), Kisvadászház (Small Hunting Lodge), Fehérgyarmat Forestry: Lónyai Inn.