Harley Davidson Open Road Fest!

The15th Harley-Davidson Open Road Fest will be held in Alsóörs, on the northern shore of Lake Balaton between 4 and 8 of June 2014. This musical and social gathering attracts tens of thousands of for bikers and pedestrian Harley-lovers. The legendary Rock singer Bonnie Tyler will be there, as well as Boban Markovic, EDDA, Ganxta Zolee és a Kartel, Animal Cannibals, and many more.

A rumble will be felt and a distinct engine roar will be soon heard, as the Harleys will once again invade the northern shore of Lake Balaton. For five days, Alsóörs and its environs are set to bear the delicate tones of the festival audience and the "rolling irons". Besides celebrating the being together, attendants will be expected on concerts, programs of music, bikes and family.

The festival provides a unique opportunity to all fans of bikes and music to step out of the rat race for some days, hit the gas or jump in the car and arrive into a world where one may leave daily concerns outside the gate, and party, fun and recreation will rule. We will provide programs that deserve to be scheduled in an Anniversary Event; and we are proud to present You British rock legend Bonnie Tyler in celebrating the 15th birthday of the Festival in Alsóörs" – Director of the Festival Attila Dobai declared.

Bonnie Tyler is acknowledged to be one of the most successful female performers worldwide. Anyone recognizes and loves her distinctive gruff voice. The singer described her longevity: "The global musical taste has changed a lot, though I may perform well, for I was the first female singer to hit the British hit list, and I keep on being invited."  She also gave a concert to tens of thousands of motorcyclists in Rome last year on the 110th anniversary of the establishment of Harley-Davidson. The British singer will take to the Main Stage of the Alsóörs Festival at 10 pm on Saturday night, June 7.


Organizers promise gigantic parties to be held each night. The mood of the party will be provided by more than 40 performers on three stages: Boban Markovic (SRB), Arakain (CZ), EDDA, Demjén Ferenc, Ganxta Zolee és a Kartel, Deák Bill Gyula, Hooligans, Tóth Gabi, Paddy and The Rats, Balkán Fanatik, Animal Cannibals, Szandi, etc.

Each day of the Festival, lovers of motors and horse powers may attend guided tours calling at Pápa, Várpalota, Tapolca – the latter being also a venue for the Poker Run this year.

Of course, the stunt and stunt flying and trial demonstrations shall not be omitted.

Considering that Open Road Fest falls into the Pentecost weekend, the event will be supplemented by an entire day with family programs on Sunday.

"Everyone has a bit of Harley in them!" – proclaim the organizers of the Festival, and indeed, the Festival will offer a passion for freedom and a belonging to a community to all.