It's a small world in Budapest!

One of the largest table-top railway sets in the world was opened to the public near to Andrássy Út in mid-May 2014. Called "Miniversum" or "Miniverse", this massive miniature world includes 1.2km of mini-gauge track that connects a collection of no less than 14 miniature cities of Europe, including Budapest and 5 other Hungarian cities.

MINIVERSUM is a huge model layout in featuring many sights and landmarks from Budapest and Hungary – and a bit of Austria and Germany – scaled to 1:100 of original size. Attila Kocsis, the manager of Miniversum said the giant model kit measures a total of 300 square meters, making it among the 10 largest in the world. During its construction, more than ten thousand elements were used, including six hundred buildings, thousands of street lights, and a huge cast of miniature figurines and street vehicles. Children especially enjoy the 85 rail vehicles running simultaneously this way and that over the 1.2-kilometer-long rail track.

The display is actually spread over multiple rooms.  The Hungarian room manages to squeeze in Budapest, Tata, Pannonhalma, Győr, Sopron and Nagycenk, the Austrian room has Bad Deutsch-Altemburg, Vienna, Melk and Dürnstein, whiles the German chamber features Eisenach, Ülzen, Rottenstein, Leuchtenburg settlements and stations.

The idea was conceived in 2012 by manager Attila Kocsis says, who then found investors, then began half a year of preparatory work: planning of the rail network, the settlements, the electronics network and the terrain. The construction started in August 2013 the wooden table frame structure. The supporting table frame stands on 300 legs. Gradually the roads and rail lines were then added followed by the topography, and these areas are adapted to fill the intermediate areas.

Attila Kocsis said the sand table needs to be able to develop, and there are areas that can be replaced as part of the ongoing development plans to keep the attraction fresh.

Budding modelers of all ages and abilities will enjoy the play area, a room with 5 different tables for builders from toddlers up to adults. It is free of charge, but in busy periods, the management may set a time limit for each modeler, so that everyone can have a turn.
Miniversum is located in "Krausz Palace" on Andrássy Street, Budapest.

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Images thanks to Miniversum