Enjoying nature - around 4 of Hungary's lakes

If you would love to get away from the hustle bustle of everyday life and enjoy some time in the great outdoors, Hungary has some wonderful options for you. Here we take a brief look at a fun activity that suits all ages and takes advantage of Hungary's flat terrain and multiple lakes and rivers owed to its position in the Carpathian Basin.

Four of Hungary's great lakes have complete cycle paths around their perimeters, making for easy, scenic and varied bike trips that can start and finish in the same location.

Lake Fertő, the largest salt lake in Eurasia, part of the Fertő-Hanság national park is located on the Hungarian-Austrian border. It is also known as Lake Neusiedl. Cyclists can enjoy getting to know both countries and in this particular year, the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Iron curtain, it is worth remembering that this exact area was one of the first to start allowing Hungarians to cross and leave, well before the Berlin Wall actually came down.

Lake Balaton now has a 200km route all around it, using a mix of cycle paths and quieter roads, with a million places to stay, and opportunities to taste the fantastic wine made from the vineyards you see all around the northern shore of the lake. 

Lake Velence offers a somewhat different experience, not only is it a smaller lake, but is also closer (just 40km from the capital) The cycle tracks have been recently developed and make use of local points of interest – you  can stop at a Pálinka distillery or to have a bite to eat at a 150 year- old inn. Of course, one can jump in the lake to cool off after a long ride (You can also try wakeboarding- unlike Lake Balaton, motorboats are allowed here.)

Lake Tisza is the star of the cycle circuits, with a brand new cycle path circumnavigating this man-made lake, but don't be fooled, although the lake at the juncture of the Tisza and Sajó rivers is only 30 years old, it has a highly developed Eco structure already and a offers a bewildering array of wetland animal and birdlife. If you have the time, don't miss the chance to take a guided boat trip out into the lake with one of the expert guides available at the Eco-Centre in ‘. There are English-speaking guides and they really do possess a phenomenal knowledge of the area and its wildlife, so you can learn a thing or two as well taking a well-earned break from cycling.