Danubius Health Spa Resort Margitsziget

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Therapy and wellness Budapest

Temperature (C°): 37
Dimensions (m2): 64
Outdoor swimming pool: covered
Type: thermal
Temperature (C°): 33
Dimensions (m2): 37
Type: adventure
Temperature (C°): 27
Dimensions (m2): 148
Outdoor swimming pool: covered
Type: swimming
Temperature (C°): 27
Dimensions (m2): 81
Outdoor swimming pool: roofless
Type: swimming
Temperature (C°): 35
Dimensions (m2): 26
Outdoor swimming pool: covered
Type: weight
Open from: January 01
Open till: December 31
Opening hours: 7:30-21:30
Admission: Weekdays: 6500 HUF Weekends:7700 HUF
Disabled accessible: yes
Contraindications: infectious diseases, feverish conditions, hyperthyroidism (Basedow-disease), malignant tumorous diseases (including leukaemia), fixed high blood pressure, deficiencies of the heart and the circulatory system, pregnancy, haemophilia, phlebitis, thrombosis
Indicated therapies: general spiritual and physical exhaustion, traumatic aftercare, aftercare following bone or joint operations, chronic tracheitis, the inactive stages of chronic, inflammatory locomotor disorders (eg. rheumatoid arthritis, articular diseases, Bechterew-disease)
Medical services: medical massage, medical pool, spine exercise, thermal water tub bath, inhalation, ionthophoresis, mud treatment, weight bath, effervescent bath, underwater jet massage
Payment facilities: Credit card, Health Card, Szechenyi Card
Phone number: +3618894752
Total number of swimming pools: 0
SUPPORTED_TREATMENT: mud-pack, weight-bath, medical massage
Type: spa hotel, wellness hotel
Wellness hotel criteria: Aerobics and step aerobics, Algae face and body packs, Aroma cabin, Aroma therapy, Aromatherapy, Organic wine, Skin care consultancy, product sales, Lifestyle and nutritional advice, Adventure pool, Finnish sauna, Freshly squeezed fruit juices, Spine exercise, Gourmet menu, Steam bath, Hiking, Herbal bath, Medicinal teas, Grooming, hairstyling, Hypoallergenic face treatment, Essential oils bath, Mud packing, Sweat pack, Yoga, Cardio-vascular fitness and workout machines, Cycle rentals/tours, Cleopatra bath, Kneipp therapy, Facial treatment and make-up, Cultural programmes, Manicure, artificial nails, Meditation, Micro massage and iontophoresis, Oxygen therapy, Pedicure, Whirlpool, Qi gong (Csikung), Health food and vegetarian, SPA treatment, Sport massage, Stretching, Swedish massage, Dry body rub, Eyecare lifting, Depilation with single-use wax, Tae-bo, Tai chi, Foot massage, Body wrapping, Thai massage, Ultrasound face treatment, Ultrasound body treatment, Swimming pool, Vacuum treatment, Aquafitness
Type of swimming pool: thermal water, mains water

Address: 1138 Budapest, Margitsziget View on map
Latitude and longitude: N 47° 31' 36", E 19° 2' 47"
Phone number: +3618894700
Fax: +3618894988
Email: msz.reservation@danubiushotels.com
Web: http://www.danubiushotels.com/

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