Warming up for the Budapest Formula 1 Grand Prix!
The 2014 Formula 1 Grand Prix is returning to Budapest once again! "Hungaroring", in Mogyoród, 18 km northeast of the capital city will once again be the location of the Great race. The track is undergoing preparations, the drivers are psyched up and the visitors are soon to arrive. All is in a hush of expectation.

This is not a new scenario for Hungaroring - The Hungaroring site, in the village of Mogyoród has been hosting the event since 1986, and in that time. In that time, it has been the location for the big break for a number of race drivers, in fact each of the drivers below won their first race right here!

            Damon Hill (1993)

            Fernando Alonso (2003)

            Jenson Button (2006)

            Heikki Kovalainen (2008)

 In the 2014 Race, Daniel Ricciardo won his 2nd race for the Red Bull team, but Hamilton pulled a respectable 3rd place, especially after a barrier impact and a it of a spin left him at a disadvantage from the 2nd turn of very first lap.

 The Championship committee has introduced this year, a new alternative method slowing the overall speed and reducing the danger to cars while there are obstructions on the track, in the past this was achieved with the aid of the safety car, but now this will make use of a "virtual safety car", which is actually a system of lights around the tracks, telling the drivers to slow down at the same time, and eventually revert to normal racing when the danger is past.

Who and what will be the big surprises for this year? There is only one way to know for certain, be sure to watch the event, either in person from Sunny Budapest, or to view the live TV broadcast.

Visit the official website for tickets and full information on the schedule, how to get there and where to stay nearby.


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