Gemenc Forest and Wildlife Management Zrt.

The forest management company manages hunting grounds totalling approximately 56,000 in the largest continuous floodplain area of Europe, at Gemenc, along the banks of the Danube, near the border, in the catchment basins of Béda and Karapancsa, and on the forested sand hills of Kiskunság.

A trophy bagged in 1986 that set a world record (CIC score: 271.00) demonstrates the exceptional quality of the Gemenc red deer stock.

Gemenc hunting ground: The characteristic big game of the entirely floodplain area are red deer and wild boar. Hunting the bellowing red deer stag is an unrivalled experience.

Béda-Karapancsa hunting ground: The area is located along the banks of the Danube on the southern border of Hungary. Thanks to its exceptional red deer and wild boar stock, it promises a successful hunt.

Hajós-Homoki and Lenes-Karasz hunting grounds: Both areas are situated on sand plain terrain. The red deer stock is abundant and of high quality, and the roe deer stock is likewise of good quality. There is a wild boar preserve in each of the hunting grounds, providing drives of excellent quality and a great amount of game.

Game species: red deer, wild boar, roe deer, small game

Hunting lodges: there are nine high quality lodges in a beautiful forest setting, catering to visitors in the direct proximity of the hunting grounds. The Karapancsa Castle merits special mention, having once belonged to the Teschen line of Habsburg princes.