Lake Balaton & Tihany

100 km from Budapest, you will find Hungary's largest lake surrounded by many fabulous little towns, hills, wineries and beaches.

The "Hungarian Sea", is the people's name for the 50 mile long lake of silky green-yellow water in the middle of Transdanubia. Lake Balaton is one of Hungary's most precious treasures and most frequented resorts. It is also the largest lake in Central Europe. Picturesque vineyards in the region produce an assortment of excellent wines that go very well with the delicious local food. Large numbers of inns and restaurants welcome guests from home and abroad.

The twin-towered church of the Tihany Peninsula is distinctly visible far and wide. The peninsula, which has been inhabited for almost a thousand years, is of volcanic origin, and has a profusion of rare plants and animals. The crypt of King András I, founded in 1055, survived the turbulent past and still stands in its original form. The present church was built over the crypt in the 18th century in Baroque style and has many precious wood carvings. In the Museum of the Benedictine Abbey, you can find an exhibition about ancient times. There are frequent organ concerts in the abbey church in the summertime.

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