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Therapy and wellness Mogyoród

Open from: May 20
Open till: August 31
Opening hours: Daily 9 AM to 7 PM
Admission: Adult day ticket: 5 500 HUF / person Discounted adult tickets on Tuesday (3900 HUF) and Thursday (4800 HUF) Student / Senior Day ticket: 4 200 HUF / person Discounted student tickets Wednesday (3.000HUF) and Thursday (3.000HUF) Children's day ticket: 2 500 HUF / person Discounted tickets for children on Monday (1.000HUF) and Thursday (1.800Ft)
Disabled accessible: yes
Medical services: permanent medical supervision
Payment facilities: Szechenyi Card, Visit Godollo Card
Total number of swimming pools: 0
Type: aquapark

Address: 2146 Mogyoród, Vízipark út 1. View on map
Latitude and longitude: N 47° 35' 27", E 19° 14' 50"
Phone number: +3628541100
Fax: +3628541101

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