The amazing Lake of Hévíz

The amazing Lake of Hévíz

There are many spas and hot springs in the world, and a lot in Hungary, but nothing compares to the natural thermal lake of Hévíz. Here's the chance to learn more about this fantastic natural formation and plan a visit.

The Town

Hévíz is situated in southwest Hungary at the western corner of Lake Balaton. The name literally means 'hot water'. The first written memories of the lake dated back in 1328, but researchers say people used the healing water of Hévíz a lot earlier. Hévíz is the second most popular destination in Hungary after Budapest. The distance from the capital is 193 km on motorway M7, but Hévíz has an international airport too, called Hévíz-Balaton Airport.

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The Lake

The Thermal Lake of Hévíz is the world's largest biologically active natural thermal lake. It has a 4.4 ha water surface, and the hot spring under the lake produces 410 litre of fresh thermal water / sec. This means that all water of the lake replaced completely every day. The depth varies from 100-150 cm close to the shore to 38 m in the centre. The water temperature is around 35 °C in summertime and never goes below 22 °C in the winter.

The medicinal suggestions of the therapy covers a wide range of locomotor diseases: it has beneficial effects on rheumatic locomotor diseases, osteoporosis, degenerative spinal/joint diseases, Bechterew syndrome, inflammation diseases of the joint in their chronic phases, post treatment of injuries and locomotor operations as well as tender tissue rheum, secondary diseases of the joints, chronic, peripheral, nervous, mechanical-related complaints, pre- and post treatment of operations on the joints and discs as well as chronic and gynaecological conditions.

Lake Hévíz is open all year long, but opening hours may vary by seasons. Click here, for details and prices!

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The hospital

The Saint Andrew's Rheumatology Hospital founded in the end of the 17th century. It has 9 indoor thermal pools and offers treatments like mud pack, weight bath, underwater jet massage, individual therapeutic exercises, medical massages, ultrasonography and many more.

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