Walking Budapest: self-guided tours

A series of audio guides has recently become available for hi tech visitors to Budapest. These are similar to the audio guide gadgets one might hire in a museum, but free to download on android phones. Now you can benefit from your smartphone's location-monitoring feature, which can help keep you informed about what you are looking at, as the app cues short podcast-style audio recordings about Budapest's sights and local attractions as you stroll past, loosely following a suggested route.

The man behind these deep information sources is Brit Tim Richards, editor of the audio travel site Heartbeatguides.com, Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society Member of the British Guild of Travel Writers for 25 years, producer of some literally hundreds of award-winning global audio guides.

Most of the walks involve a leisurely stroll including a dozen or so points of interest, which can be visited at your own pace, perhaps including comfort stops or a light lunch along the way. Here is one of the walks available so far. See the IZI Travel website for more:

Budapest - history walk of Buda with Tim Richards

Budapest is right on the Danube river, with one half (Buda) to the West and the other part (Pest) to the East of the mighty river, which arrives from the Black forest and Vienna, and continues on to the Black Sea. One of the best places to view is from up on the Castle Hill, but this is far more than a lookout point. Buda Castle is actually a large walled with many houses, museums and some shops and facilities, though its governmental functions have long since moved down into more lively Pest. There is plenty of history here, and Tim and Veronika guide you through it on this mostly gently downhill walk around 13 points of the historic area around Buda Castle, from the illustrious Vienna Gate, along the castle walls, round the quiet streets of the Castle district, and down the hill to finish up at the famous Gellért Thermal Baths. Here you can finish up with a soak in opulence.  This castle walk does not go south of the Royal Palace, which means it doesn't cover the newly-reopened Castle Garden Bazaar, (but click here to read our own article on the subject.)


Mobile App

Follow the web links above, and click on any of the pictures to see more info. For each photo stop, you can play the audio content too.  You can download the apps for free, by going to IZI .travel app and clicking on the download icons, but do bear in mind that these are location-connected apps, so in the normal course of action, a given file will not actually start until you approach the Budapest location it is connected to. Have a great time!