Escape games- puzzles against the clock

Escape Games have acquired a cult following in Budapest and are starting to spread across the globe, but what are they like? What are you escaping from and what happens if you don't make it? The answers to even these basic questions are frustratingly vague –These firms make a living by not giving much away after all! Here we try to give you a basic overview of what these games are about and list those that have English websites.

"Verem"To get down to basics, we can look for example  at the first and oldest of these escape games Parapark. It is run out of a downtown pub; in one corner is a very solid-looking door leading to a cellar. If you accept the rules of the game and pay up, you and your team or 2-5 players are allowed down into a room filled with odd furniture, bookshelves line with dusty tomes, and wacky-looking objects everywhere. This is the playroom of a mad genius, he has trapped you in this chamber, and you have but 60 minutes to get out. After this point details become very sketchy: There are clues to allow you to escape and they require teamwork. (The larger the team, the better they tend to do.) There is a great level of urgency to the game, and the name itself means "panic park". The owners do stress though, that the excitement and fear is generated by the impending deadline and the tough puzzles, not by scary lights and sound effects. There seems to be no penalty for blowing the 60 minute deadline, except you lose the opportunity to crow about your victory and your team's wimnning time will not appear on the leader board.

This promo video by another escape game firm "Trap" gives you a pretty good idea too. But there are many more to choose from, a great many more...


Some very few general facts:

Prices: Average price of a game is about 9000 HUF or roughly 30 Euro for the whole teamm though a few firms prefer to charge per person (pp)

Teams: Normally 2-5 persons per team

Children: So far most of the games we have encountered are for ages 14+, but do feel free to ask.

Language:  All the puzzles below seem to offer English-language escape games, however we have not tested all of them. Do please let us know if there are any errors in our list.

Name (and link to more info) Link to English Homepage Team-size Cost (HUF)
Claustrophilia 2 to 5 10,000
Code13 2 to 5 11,000
Detectivity 2 to 5 15,000
Escapehouse 2 to 6 10,000
Escapezone 2 to 8 10,000
Fifiqa 2 to 5 1,890 pp
Funlock 2 to 5 12,500
Idocsapda 2 to 5 12,500
Lakatalatt 2 to 6 2,500 pp
Lockedup 2 to 5 10,000
Lockville 2 to 5 1,790 pp
Logixity 2 to 5 12,500
Mindquest 2 to 5 10,000
Mystiqueroom 2 to 5 10990
Parapark 2 to 5 7-9,000
Szabaduljki 2 to 5 7,900
Szobafogsag 2 to 5 9-12,000
Teamescape 2 to 5 9,900
Trap 2 to 5 12,000
Trap Factory Trap 2 to 6 10,000
Under-pressure 2 to 5 9-11,000
Verem 2 to 3+ 8-10,000


Other firms have varied the formula somewhat, for example: Team Escape and Mystique room offer complicated sets of discounts for games earlier in the day, or for pairs. Lakatalatt and Trap Factory offer teams of up to 6 and Escape Zone cane handle 8-person teams. Trap accept children as young as 12, with adult supervision, but stresses that the puzzles may be too tricky for those any younger.