EDEN – Explore Hungary's hidden treasures

In 2006 the European Committee launched a project titled European Destinations of Excellence (EDEN) meant to present the diversity of the European continent's natural, cultural and intellectual heritage to tourists. Let us show you the regions in Hungary that were selected by EDEN.

EDEN is an acronym (European Destinations of ExcelleNce) and simultaneously represents a friendly invitation and destination that reminds everyone of the primordial harmony of the world. In the framework of the tender, an excellent destination is chosen in each EU member state regarding a specific subject altered in every year. The successful presentation to the international audience and the growing popularity of the winners chosen during the recent years:

Őrség (2007)
The western borderland of Hungary with beautiful hiking routes and nice old villages representing the ancient Hungarian folk art.
More info: en.eden.gotohungary.com/en_GB/eden-winner-2007

Hortobágy (2008)
Hortobágy is the largest continous natural grassland in Europe. The Nature Reserve of Hortobágy is known for its rich wild life, its grey cattle population, and traditional folk art and gastronomy.
More info: en.eden.gotohungary.com/en_GB/eden-winner-2008

Írottkő Nature Park (2009)
Also on the borderland between Austria and Hungary is the highest peak of Kőszeg Mountains, and also the largest in West Transdanubia. This protected area consists of 15 traditional villages, the Old House Peak, Calvary Hill and the Saint Vid Chapel beside Írottkő Peak and Kőszeg Mountains. This area is treasured by hikers.
More info: en.eden.gotohungary.com/en_GB/eden-winner-2009

Lake Tisza (2010)
This is the second largest lake in Hungary. It is an artificial lake made to supply water for irrigation, but became a large eco-system with rich wildlife, and a tourist attraction and active holiday destination.
More info: en.eden.gotohungary.com/en_GB/eden-winner-2010

Mecsek Mountains (2011)
The Mountains of Mecsek are located in the south-western part of Hungary, right above the city of Pécs. The region has been a tourist destination for more than 100 years, known for the 1000 old chapel of Pécsvárad Castle, for its 100 caves and for the unique landscapes all around.
More info: en.eden.gotohungary.com/en_GB/eden-winner-2011

Kaposvár and the Zselic area (2013)
Kaposvár built on seven hills between the down-land of Zselic and the river Kapos, is the county town of Somogy county, which covers the rolling hills of the South Transdanubia between the River Dráva and Lake Balaton. The art nouveau city centre is alive with festivals from spring to autumn, in addition to its floral splendour. Kaposvár is also a city with great cultural heritage, as Hungary's most famous Painter, József Rippl-Rónai was born and also died here, and a popular museum is maintained here.
More info: http://en.eden.gotohungary.com/en_GB/eden-winner-2013

We wish you pleasant touring and exciting discoveries!

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