Bükfürdő gets you activated

This tiny town east of the Alps is home to the second largest spa resort and the first 18-hole golf course in Hungary. Splashing, swinging, and a whole new, active life await in Bükfürdő.

When the engineers started to drill the grounds in the area in the 1950s, they were hoping to find oil. But they weren't unhappy about the 58ºC water that came gushing either. Especially when researches proved the outstandingly rich mineral contents of the water. History aside, Bükfürdő Health and Adventure Centre now boasts 32 pools (including medicinal pools, swimming pools and paddling pools), a refreshing and relaxing Medical Wellness Centre offering exotic massages, general health check-ups, a salt cabin and thermo spa treatments, and an indoor adventure bath with loads of fun elements.

The healing water of Bükfürdő comes in three forms. When you soak in it, it helps with locomotor diseases and gynaecological ailments. When you drink it, it treats chronic gastritis, ulcer and indigestion and helps preventing osteoporosis. And when you inhale it, it has a beneficial effect on your respiratory system. To enjoy the most of this magical water, you'll need a couple of weeks' cure, but a single occasion will improve your spirits, too.

Bükfürdő is not a place where you can sit around counting the days. The hills and forests around you tempt you for a hike, and the nearby cities, Szombathely and Sopron are perfect destinations for sightseeing day trips.The first 18-hole championship golf course in Hungary, Greenfield Golf, caters for the needs of golfers of all levels. Whether you're a pro or a golf virgin, your swing can only improve here.

If you're less adventurous, but still looking for a place to move your body, try the playground for grown-ups. In Bükfürdő Sports Park, you can work your muscles on outdoor gym equipment, and enjoy free family sporting events.