Budapest - The Capital of Art

Even the residents of Budapest have trouble choosing where to go in their free time as there are festivals, concerts and new exhibitions on practically every corner throughout the whole year. The streets of the city are always packed with both Hungarians and foreigners hungry for culture.

Not many people know that the predecessor of the Academy of Music, with its special acoustics, was established in the second half of the 19th century  in the apartment of Franz Liszt. Perhaps you have heard that the Opera House  in Budapest is the most beautiful in  the world according to Plácido Domingo. The above-mentioned Müpa is a multifunctional establishment in a modern building on the riverbank, providing a home for lovers of music, theatre and the visual arts, while regularly staging English speaking performances.

The Budapest Music Centre (BMC) is not only popular due to the classical, contemporary and jazz concerts held in this five -storey modern building, but also because the cultural institute has taken it upon itself to collect the history of Hungarian music and make it available online, while its travelling pavilion is introducing our music to the world.

The Budapest Spring Festival attracts many foreigners to the city, with almost 200 programmes at more than 50 locations during the last two weeks  of March. In addition to the concerts of world-famous classical and modern musical performers, it also hosts a number of English-speaking theatrical performances and open-air programmes.

You don't always need to buy tickets; sometimes it is simply enough to dive into the nightlife. Small designer shops in the city centre, contemporary art galleries, night concerts, lively club life and unique theatres provide momentum and a dynamic to the already vibrant creative life of Budapest.