Amazing Hotels of Budapest

Our most famous hotels not only offer rooms but a vibrant experience of historic monuments in which iconic artists have stayed and many legendary evenings have been spent and perhaps, just like a century ago, are still inspiring world-changing events. Do not miss out on the adventure, though we know it is not easy to choose from such a fantastic selection!

The Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace was transformed into a hotel only a few years ago and voted ‘Europe's Best Hotel' in 2015 on TripAdvisor. It is now a symbol of the city which adds to the glow of the Chain Bridge.  In every detail, the hotel reflects the explosive development of the century. The greatest artists of the era worked on the building's lyrically beautiful glass windows, mosaics and wrought iron details and the ceramic ornaments were made by the artists of the world-famous Zsolnay factory.

Hotels rising up on the city's boulevards have the same appeal, in which almost every prominent European figure and brilliant mind has stayed.  One of these hotels is the Corinthia Hotel Budapest that inspired Wes Anderson's Oscar-winning film ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel'.

The New York Palace Hotel Boscolo dominates the boulevard in Budapest when illuminated at nighttime. This effect continues inside too, where the coffee house was the haunt of poets and writers of the 20th century. According to legend, the famous Hungarian writer, Ferenc Molnár once asked for the keys to the coffee house and then tossed them into the Danube so that this magical place would never close.

The Kempinski Hotel Corvinus, located on the central boulevard, has a presidential suite revisited repeatedly by many celebrities, who leave their marks in a book that is kept there. The book is a new copy of a Medieval Hungarian Codex, which was originally only placed there as a decoration, though celebrities have made it their own in a creative (to some, mischievous) way, making it truly special.

Queen Elisabeth II of Great Britain and former American President George W. Bush also stayed in the legendary historic building of the Ritz-Carlton Budapest, which was built during World War I as the headquarters of an insurance company, then later became the police headquarters, and eventually a luxury hotel. Located in the city centre, it has been operated by Ritz-Carlton since 2016. An interesting feature in the rooms is that guests can find typical Hungarian souvenirs, which may also be purchased.