Öreg Viza Inn

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Accommodation Dunasziget

Type: double
Rooms number: 4
Price (HUF): 11000
Price (EUR): 50
Type: 3-bedded
Rooms number: 10
Price (HUF): 15900
Price (EUR): 72
Type: 4-bedded
Rooms number: 2
Price (HUF): 24000
Price (EUR): 93
Rooms number: 1
Price (HUF): 27000
Price (EUR): 123
Type: apartman
Open from: January 01
Open till: December 31
Phone number: +3696233958
Type: pension
Classification: 3rd class
Disabled accessible: partially
Capacity (persons): 53
Number of rooms: 18
Services: indoor swimming pool, high chair, catering, bathing possibility, crib, fishing facilities, getting to know tame animals, rentals, Jacuzzi, board games, WIFI/WLAN
Payment facilities: Cash only

Address: 9226 Dunasziget, Sérfenyő utca 60. View on map
Latitude and longitude: N 47° 56' 25", E 17° 21' 10"
Phone number: +36305071180
Fax: +3696233958
Email: recepcio@vizafogado.hu
Web: http://www.vizafogado.hu