Inn to the dancing goats

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Accommodation Galyatető

Price (HUF): 8500 Ft/fő/éj
Rooms number: 0
Rooms number: 0
Open from: January 01
Open till: December 31
Capacity (persons): 24
Dining facilities: half pension
Classification: non-qualified
Payment facilities: Szechenyi Card
Phone number: +3637376000
Number of rooms: 12
Services: bedclothes provided, high chair, catering, covered terrace, football ground, bathroom, heated room, baby cot, hairdryer, hair drier, refrigerator, Internet access, well equipped kitchen, conferences venue, rentals, pets allowed, pets allowed, bathroom, toilet, parking in a closed garden, Jacuzzi, tabletennis, radio, sauna, sauna, television, hiking, open fireplace, barbecue, WIFI/WLAN
Type: pension

Address: 3234 Galyatető, Mező Imre utca 7. View on map
Latitude and longitude: N 47° 54' 55", E 19° 55' 7"
Phone number: +36204357547