Paskál Beach

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Therapy and wellness Budapest

Temperature (C°): 32
Dimensions (m2): 210
Outdoor swimming pool: roofless
Type: child
Temperature (C°): 32
Dimensions (m2): 1100
Outdoor swimming pool: roofless
Type: swimming
Open from: May 30
Open till: September 07
Opening hours: Open:
                                     Depending on the weather

6 September Every day between 9-19.
The closing of the funds takes place one hour prior to closing time on May 30th.
Admission: Daily ticket 1200 HUF
Retired Elizabeth Daily admission card 1000 HUF
Prepaid ticket 1300 HUF
Cabin 500 HUF
Deposit 500 HUF

Disabled accessible: yes
Payment facilities: Credit card, Inbound Budapest Card, Szechenyi Card
Total number of swimming pools: 2
Type: open-air bath
Type of swimming pool: salty, chloridic

Address: 1149 Budapest, Egressy út 178/F. View on map
Latitude and longitude: N 47° 31' 16", E 19° 7' 40"
Phone number: +3612526944