Time Trap (exit game)

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Leisure time Budapest

Open from: January 01
Open till: December 31
Disabled accessible: no
Discounts: student
Payment facilities: Credit card, Budapest Card, Cash only
Prices: The price of 1 escape is 10.000 Ft (for a 2-5 person team, The game can be requested in English language for foreign players, the Englisch game’s price is: 12500 Ft/ team
Services: buffet, toilet
Type: other

Address: 1075 Budapest, Kazinczy u. 10. View on map
Latitude and longitude: N 47° 29' 48", E 19° 3' 49"
Phone number: +36203119471
Email: info@idocsapda.hu
Web: http://www.idocsapda.hu/en/