Thermal Bath parties this Summer - Cinetrip Budapest

Cinetrip parties are unique to Hungary, held right inside Budapest's Historic Thermal Baths. Enjoy the steaming thermal waters, music, lights and a great party atmosphere! These events are held at various venues at different times of the year. Summertime parties are known as "Szecska" after the Széchenyi Thermal Barths they are held at most Saturdays.

Cinetrip parties make use of spotlights, arrangements of LEDs, neon lights, lasers, pumping electronic music and strangely for a dance event, lots and lots of steaming water; you could call it holistic party event! The history of Cinetrip started in 1998 with night time bathing at the Rudas Baths - they were then and remain today, a firm favourite with youth in Budapest. They are nowadays held at the Széchenyi Thermal Baths (Szecska, Sech-ka) in the Summer and at the Lukacs Baths in the winter. These run on Saturdays through the summer, while the wintertime ones (held every Saturday from 5th October onwards) are known as Magic Bath Parties. (Entrance to either is at the time of writing 7,000 HUF/ 25 EUR) Tickets can be booked online. If you do decide to buy your tickets at the door, beware that this can only be done in cash.

Twice a year, there are greater-than-normal extravaganzas (Entrance 12,000 HUF/ 40EUR) - this Summer's one is a sort of cleansing bath event to help get you in the mood for the Sziget Festival starting in the 9th August, and there is another in midwinter.

The party is not only held around the  grounds of the beautiful old Széchenyi Thermal Baths, but actually IN and around the pools, so you would look pretty odd without a swim-suit and flip flops are obligatory! If you forget everything, naturally exclusively-priced goods can be bought right there on site.