Musical Fountain on Margaret Island

Margaret Island is one of the focal points of the city for tourists. An easy place to reach, it is very pleasant to hide there from the heat of the Summer beneath it's leafy boughs, or to sweep through the piles of golden beech, oak and chestnut leaves in the Autumn. Here we draw attention to a great water-based attraction there...

The Musical Fountain is one of the most well known attractions on the island. it's free and regular, though of course it is open to the elements, the audeince is at the mercy of the weather. Although the fountain's pool is quite large (one of Europe's largest, at 35 m across and containing 400 m³ of water) the island itself is huge, so it's easy to walk right past it and not find it,  if the fountain show is not actually on. It is located at the southern end of the Island, in the very middle, just north of the roundabout where buses and pedal-car drivers circle around.

At showtime, the water shoots 10m into the air in time with the music, a mixture of classical and pop music, and the plumes of water and water vapour are illuminated by alternating coloureds lights at night, so it's hard to miss when its performing.

The fountain's musical performance are at the following times:

Full shows: 6pm, 9pm

4-song show: 10:30am, 5pm and 7:30pm

The programme of music played during the Summer and Autumn months is:

 1. Vivaldi: Four seasons - Spring

2. Simon and Garfunkel: Cecilia

3. Verdi: Nabucco – Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves

4. Creedence Clearwater Revival: Who'll Stop The Rain

5. Brahms: Hungarian Dances No. 1

6. Shadows: Kon-Tiki

7. The Rolling Stones: Let Me Down Slow

8. Andrea Bocelli: Time To Say Goodbye

It can be reached by bus number 11 from Nyugati (Western) Station, by bike, or on foot, and is a favourite stop off point when trundling around the island on one of those pedal-car (bringohintó) contraptions. We understand it is out of action and weather proofed in the winter months, so this is something to see from March until October.