Hungary's brand image film wins an award in Cannes!

The Hungarian Tourist board and the State Opera House were among the winners at the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards 2014, a prestigious gala ceremony honouring achievements in corporate audiovisual productions. Watch the recent Tourist Board campaign film "Hungary, more than expected" and find out more about how it won a silver Dolphin award!

Every year the city of Cannes hosts an alternative film event, where corporate and advertising films are compared and presented with dolphin awards for expertise in a number of categories. Industry professionals, jury members and mass media representatives from all over the world meet and network in the fantastic setting by the Bay of Cannes. This October, 725 projects from 34 countries all over the world were judged.  A total of 141 productions were awarded with the coveted Dolphin trophies in Gold, Silver and Black.

This year, a film close to our heart, the main video for the "Think Hungary, More Than Expected!"  campaign won a silver dolphin award in in the Tourism Films Category. It has been praised for its inventiveness and artful editing, which makes excellent use of the specially-commissioned music. The song "You Are" by Antilope Kid, features haunting lyrics by Dalma Berger and is set to rapidly-cut, stunning images of Hungary, particularly the beauty of Hungary's thermal baths and the inventiveness and ingenuity of Hungarian inventions.

The Hungarian State Opera also won a silver award, and another award for best music, for the dramatic short film "Where a world unfolds". The highest award went to a Swiss Insurance company for a film entitled "Life needs courage".

Details of all the awards can be found on the festival's webpage. Congratulations to all the winners!