Google streetview goes off-road

Google Streetview now offere more than the view from the street. New developments in the mapping website allow us to get a close-look at areas that were previously un-reachable! Here we list the buildings and other new sites that have become available to view in Budapest.

BackgroundFamiliar Streetview of the Hungarian State Opera House Budapest
In case you who don't know, Google Streetview is simply a part of Google maps, the free global mapping service. As well as seeing the world from satellite view, you can zoom in to "streetview" level (illustrated by an orange Pegman) and see the way the word looks from close up. Now the interesting part is that up to now, the views were generated by a fleet of cars that slowly roved the world, recording the street-views with all-around cameras, one street at a time. This was already a great technological leap, but off-road areas were still off-limits.  Now the google team have built their GPS cameras into bizarre looking backpacks, and their intrepid team members have been taking them anywhere and everywhere, to capture eye-level views of everything from waterfalls and mountains, to caves and canyons.






Hungary is no exception, and in fact here the roving backpack team even visited the inside of several well-known buildings:

Buda Castle District, Budapest

Great Synagogue of Dohány Street, Budapest

Castle of Hollókő

Eger Castle

Fisherman's Bastion, Budapest

Inside the State Opera House, Budapest

Heritage walk in Tokaji wine region

Zsolnay Cultural quarter, Pécs

Matthias Church, Budapest

Palace of Arts, Budapest

Margaret Island, Budapest

Zoo and Botanical Gardens, Budapest

This means you can take a virtual look around not just the streets, but also the halls, hills and byways of our great country. Above you can see some examples, but why not try it yourself? It's free and requires no registration. Simply zoom in to the maximum degree on any of the buildings in this list.
In our experience though, it IS a little hard to get started, so we include a little helpful guide below..

How to do it
The trick here is that if you are already in streetview, looking at the street outside, say the Opera House, you cannot actually "enter the building"- only by zooming out one level to the map view, then dropping pegman afresh inside the building. 

1. Zoom in to neighbourhood of the desired building, then click on the orange Pegman
2. Click and hold Pegman: (see image below.) He will start to dangle as if he were a puppet.
3. Notice that on the map, a network of pale blue lines appears (the available streetview routes) all over the map, but also inside the building, so drag and drop Pegman on one of these lines ( a mini-preview window will pop up)
4. Then backpack view will start and you can navigate as normal by dragging arrows to "move".

Watch this space for more updates on different ways to interact with images of Hungary.

 Latest news: As at August 25th 2014, Google has started mapping views from a boat on the Danube River. This data has not been made public yet, but eventually 400km of the river and its banks will be included in Google mapa Streetview ("River view?")