Amazing Meetings and Events

Budapest is increasingly popular as a business tourism destination, and the number of trade exhibitions is rising year by year. This is illustrated by the professional ranking of the city, and the number of events and visitors. Aside from how simple it is to reach the Hungarian capital within hours from anywhere in Europe, it is a highly attractive destination due to its diversity, its affordable prices and its business tourism opportunities.

In 2016 Budapest was ranked 16th on the list of the ICCA (International Congress and Convention Association) beating Stockholm, Hong Kong and Rome. It is ranked 12th in Europe. The popularity of the city shows in the trade figures. Last year more than 1.3 million people visited Hungary for business tourism purposes and almost 3,600 events were held here.

Eighty percent of the business events organised in Hungary are held in hotels, most of which are able to welcome business tourists with professionally equipped conference rooms. Hotels like the ‘Ritz-Carlton',  the ‘Hilton', the ‘Marriott' or those of the Danubius Hotels Group are available to business tourism visitors and the trendy, boutique hotels guarantee a creativity-enhancing environment.

In addition, the city has conference centres, event boats with beautiful  views of the River Danube and classical villas, as well as many museums  and elegant restaurants that are available to lease for various event organisation purposes.

Numerous service providers specialising in business travel in Budapest offer unique pre- and post tour and incentive programmes, such as exploration of the vibrant city centre, top-quality wine and gastronomic experiences, thermal spas and country excursions as additions.