5 Amazing Facts about Hungary

Rubik's Cube, Goulash, Houdini. Everyone knows they came from Hungary. However, have you heard of these fascinating facts.
  1. Hungarians love to invent new things. Inventions such as the Rubik's Cube (which was invented in the 1970s by Ernő Rubik, the acclaimed sculptor and professor), the first moving picture, the first colour television, the computer, the ballpoint pen and the hologram can all be linked to Hungarian scientists. It is no mere coincidence that Hungary has an exceptional number of Nobel Prize laureates (in every category, apart from the Peace Award).
  1. Hungary has its own cowboys as well, but they are called ‘csikós'. Their spectacular horse shows of ancient origin can be seen at ranches on the Great Hungarian Plain.
  1. The world's best female chess player is Hungarian. Her name is Judit Polgár and she was a Grand Master by the age of 15 (which is still a world record today).

  1. Hollywood would be a totally different place without the Hungarians. "It's not enough to be Hungarian, but it helps a lot", said the message on the door of Adolph Zukor, the founder of Paramount Pictures. Vilmos Fried (better known as William Fox), the founder of Fox Film Corp (today 20th Century Fox), also emigrated from Hungary, and many Oscar award-winning artists, such as Michael Curtiz, director (Casablanca); George Cukor, director (My Fair Lady); Zsigmond Vilmos, cameraman (Close Encounters of the Third Kind); as well as Nemes Jeles László, director (Son of Saul) are also Hungarian.
  1. According to foreigners, the Hungarian language is very difficult! However, for us it works very well, and we respect those who successfully conquer the language which, although being a part of the Finno-Ugric language family, is unlike any other. For example, the Russian language is closer to the English language than it is to Hungarian. The most diverse forms of greetings in the world are expressed in the Hungarian language.