Hungarian Tourism Agency

Hungarian Tourism Agency is a state-owned national tourism marketing organisation. The aim of its activities is increasing the demand for Hungarian tourism by promoting inbound and domestic travels in order to enhance the development of the tourism industry. The company plays an active role in improving the business results of local service providers in tourism and would like to contribute to raise the prestige of the tourism profession by means of its activities.

The primary aspect of the national tourism marketing activity is the achievement of business objectives, i.e. increasing the number of guest nights and the tourist spending. In addition to the budget provided from state resources, external funding is also involved in financing the effective marketing activity. It is carried out by means of the close cooperation with the players of the travel trade, conducting joint actions and campaigns, by sharing the costs, along common interests. Hungarian Tourism Agency offers its partners the opportunity to join in a number of actions.

The main professional tasks of Hungarian Tourism Agency are consumer marketing communications and travel trade sales promotion. An emphasised part of the latter is the business tourism (MICE) activity.

The consumer marketing communication, i.e. the direct addressing of potential tourists is typically carried out in the framework of the central marketing activity, in the course of which the company conducts campaigns both in Hungary and abroad.

The sales promotion means all activities aiming tour operators. These include the professional lectures, presentations, exhibitions, travel trade events and study tours. The strategy of the activity is based on travel trade cooperation, which has the following main pillars: maintaining trade cooperation, establishing new travel trade contacts through the events organised jointly with partner institutions, involving new partners in the circle of market participants offering Hungarian tourism products, launching joint sales promotion actions, organising professional study tours and organising workshops in the source markets to introduce the Hungarian supply.

The travel trade promotion activities of Hungarian Tourism Agency include the TDM coordination (cooperation with Tourism Destination Management Organisations), research activities, the coordination of Tourinform offices, the operation of the Contact Centre as well as the promotional communication activity concerning the SZÉP-card (a holiday card), various trademarks and quality awards.

Hungarian Tourism Agency is an active member of European Travel Commission. The Deputy CEO in charge of Tourism Marketing of Hungarian Tourism Agency is a member of ETC's Board of Directors and the staff of Research Department acts as vice-chairpersons of the ETC's Market Intelligence Group.

The European Travel Commission (ETC) is the organisation responsible for the promotion of Europe as a tourist destination. Its membership consists of 33 European national tourist organisations.

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