Budapest Spring Festival - growing strong

The flowers are blooming and so is culture in Budapest. The city's regular Spring Festival has come around again for the 35th time. Visitors from home and abroad prepare for a cultural extravaganza highlighting national composer Franz Liszt, which will take place at venues across the city, and fill every day between April 10th and 26th
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Show me Hungary!

It can be hard to get a feel for a holiday location so far away. Here we list a handful of great visual ways to become familiar with Hungary. Take a look at whatever aspects of the country interest you, using a range of free tools, including photo galleries, panoramic images, videos and apps. Get to know Hungary your way!
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Tell me all about Hungary!

If you fancy reading up on Hungary as a destination, it can be difficult to know where to start, as there is so much information out there! Here we distil the process into three easy types of info and in a manageable size. Read selected magazine and newspaper articles by professional travel writers, or blogs/travelogues by enlightened visitors who have already been there , done that. We also include a few podcast channels for those who prefer interviews and the spoken word. Learn about Hungary your way!
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Explore the regions of Hungary
Hungary The Puszta and Lake Tisza Eger-Tokaj Wine Region Budapest and Surroundings Balaton Pannonia


Once upon a time in Hungary - fairytale locations

Hungary is blessed with a handful of places and sights that seem just to be good to be true. "Did they really build that?" you might ask yourself. Something that pretty can't possibly be practical. The sights we present here are not perhaps the most useful of structures, but their aesthetics are beyond question!

Futuristic Hungarian architecture

Hungary has had more than its fair share of great architects though the years, and a stroll through Budapest or any large city here, is like walking through time. It is no surprise then, to see some truly ultra-modern and cutting-edge designs in public buildings. Here we take a virtual look around some of them.

National Holidays in Hungary

Like all countries, Hungary has its fair share of holidays, both secular and relgious. You may experience limited services and many businesses such as banks and post offices, will be shut. It can be difficult to keep track of them, and some even shift from year to year. Here we do our best to pin them down for you!
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