Concerts, parties and events in 2014

Browse our compilation of the best parties, most exciting events and classy concerts in Hungary for 2014. Get ready to have fun!
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The Buda Castle Garden Bazaar

The Buda Castle Bazaar has been opened to the public amid fanfares and speeches. This waterside part of the Buda Castle, one of Budapest's foremost attractions has undergone extensive renovations and is set to be a firm favourite for visitors, whether seen from afar on a boat tour, or experienced up close on a romantic stroll. It is set to revitalize the Danube waterfront.

Announcing the new Visit Europe Travel App

The all-new Visit Europe Travel App makes it easy to dream up the ultimate European vacation! With an unrivaled collection of mouth-watering images, inspiring ideas and practical information, this app is free to download, so what are you waiting for?

Budapest Metro Line 4

As of the recent grand opening, the city of Budapest now has 4 Metro lines! The new line is coloured green on maps and runs basically Southwest to Northeast, passes under the Danube and also intersects with lines 2 and 3. The other three lines all intersect at Ferenc Deák Square, but this line breaks that trend and aims to give greater access to rail commuters.
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