Show me Hungary!

It can be hard to get a feel for a holiday location so far away. Here we list a handful of great visual ways to become familiar with Hungary. Take a look at whatever aspects of the country interest you, using a range of free tools, including photo galleries, panoramic images, videos and apps. Get to know Hungary your way!
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Tell me all about Hungary!

If you fancy reading up on Hungary as a destination, it can be difficult to know where to start, as there is so much information out there! Here we distil the process into three easy types of info and in a manageable size. Read selected magazine and newspaper articles by professional travel writers, or blogs/travelogues by enlightened visitors who have already been there , done that. We also include a few podcast channels for those who prefer interviews and the spoken word. Learn about Hungary your way!
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Hungary in the press

From time to time, Hungary is mentioned in the press and online. Here's our ongoing list of links to web articles about Hungary: Recent stories: "Pest Side Story" and Minube ranks Budapest in its prestige list of "50 cities to see in your lifetime."
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Explore the regions of Hungary
Hungary The Puszta and Lake Tisza Eger-Tokaj Wine Region Budapest and Surroundings Balaton Pannonia


Hungary's tourism wins silver among top European destinations

The number of international tourist arrivals in Hungary grew by 17.5% in the first half of 2015, over four times more than the world average, according to the latest report by the World Tourism Organization. No other Central European country posted growth on a similar scale.

An Excellent summer season and a promising Autumn season

Contrary to the recent and sometimes misleading coverage of the migration situation by international media, Hungary and the capital city of Budapest are friendly and safe destinations where tourists are warmly welcome and where they are offered high quality services no matter where they come from.

Hungary continues to be a safe travel destination

Despite the flood of migrants, personal safety and the safety of property remains just as high in Hungary as it has been at any time in recent years. Hungary is therefore just as safe a travel destination for tourists as it was a year ago.
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