Hungary in the press

From time to time, Hungary is mentioned in the press and online. Here's our ongoing list of links to web articles about Hungary: Recent stories: BBC Travel slideshows about the Hortobágy and great plains region of Hungary.
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Concerts, parties and events

Browse our compilation of the best upcoming events! Here you will find a brief and factual list of parties, concerts, and festivals in date order, with links to more information and online ticket services where possible. Get inspired about Hungary's most exciting events and classiest concerts in 2014. Get ready to have fun!
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Hungary is well known and beloved for its architecture and cultural heritage. Visitors may find themselves several hundred years back in the past standing on a single street corner or visiting one of Hungary's most admired sites. In Hungary you can find roman ruins, gothic churches, hundred-year old houses and modern buildings, all next to each other.
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Explore the regions of Hungary
Hungary The Puszta and Lake Tisza Eger-Tokaj Wine Region Budapest and Surroundings Balaton Pannonia


Walk the blue route

The E4 trans-European walking route cuts right across Hungary, and unlike some of its neighbours, Hungary is meticulous about signposting, so even if the tricky Hungarian Language is an insurmountable maze of grammar, you will not need it to follow the colour-coded sign on trees and markers. Here it is known as the National Blue Route and is denoted by a horizontal blue stripe on a white background.

Budapest Bikes - Bubi is on a roll

Budapest Bike, or BUBI (pronounced Boobie) is a public bike-sharing system similar to those operating in London, Washington DC and Amsterdam. About 1100 Bikes can be picked up and dropped off at any of 76 bike stations, mostly across Pest. First-time payment can be by bank card at touchscreen machines (about half of the stations), or via prepaid card which you must pre-register for. Rental starts free for the first 30 minutes, then increases every additional half hour.

Eurail travel discount offer

Get free days with your Eurail GLOBAL and SELECT passes and save money when interrailing! From now until the 29th September2014, you will receive extra days free when you purchase your Eurail passes (either the Global or Select version). The longer the pass, the more free days you get!) The Eurail network covers most of the rail networks of Europe. You get to see them in any order you like, and of course rail stations are generally well-located in the heart of large cities, so you can get to the heart of the action!
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